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Using Our Good

Scripture of the Week: Mark 12-38-44

Message: This week's scripture tells us about a story of Jesus when he was in the temple. He was watching the people as they put their offerings in the collection plate, just like we do on Sunday. He saw many people all dressed up in long expensive robes put their money in the plate. These people were very rich and had plenty to give away yet still had everything they needed and wanted. They were just showing off, because they did not give as much as they could have.

Then Jesus saw a poor widow put two small coins in the plate. She gave away everything she had, yet she was probably still hungry herself. Jesus told his disciples that this woman had given the temple offering more than all the other rich people had. Do you understand what he was saying to them?

Jesus was telling us that we must be careful about doing things for the right reasons. We should not worry about trying to impress other people. It doesn't matter what kind of clothes you are wearing. The important thing is to use what you have to show God's love by helping others. God wants us to use our good. That is what makes us beautiful. It's not how we look on the outside, it's what we are on the inside. We might not all have a lot of money to give away to others, but we can still give ourselves to do good, helpful things. Using our good is what gives our lives purpose. Remember that serving others and honoring God is what makes us truly beautiful.

Let's pray:

God, we thank you for teaching us that helping others is very important. Jesus did so much to help people. We need your help to remind us to always be willing to use our good to help anyone who need us. Amen

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