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Resist Evil!

Hello friends! We are focusing on looking for love,

Lets say our repeat after me poem:

We come today

And we're here to stay.

We're looking for love

In just the right way.

For Jesus is clear

When we listen to hear

His love for us

Is oh so dear!

Thank you for reciting that with me. Yes, we are going to learn what Jesus had to say about where we can find love, and he HAD A LOT to say on that subject. Have you ever played the game of Scrabble? It is having a birthday this year. It is 85 years old! Wow. In that time over 150 million sets have been sold and it is played in 121 countries in 30 different languages! So if you've ever played it or will in the future, you will have that in common with SO many people around the world.

The way you play the game is this: you try to make words that will connect to other words on the board. That way you can help each other make words by sharing letters. That's the "cooperative" way to describe it. I have two words that have to do with the message of today. The two words are "resist" and "evil". One of the stories in the Bible we read this time of year is about Jesus out in the desert where he stayed for 40 days. That's a long time to be out in the desert and he surely got tired and hungry and thirsty. The story says that he was offered security and safety and food and also fame and fortune if he would just stop being who he was - someone who loved everyone and took the side of those who needed love most.

But he said "NO" to fame and fortune and security and food even though he was probably rired and hungry...because he loved love and believed that love is for everyone, not just for some people. That is who Jesus was, and is...still in our hearts.

"Evil" is a word for something that is not right, that is not good for us or for others. It is something that doesn't bring more love. So, when we do what is right and good for ourselves and others instead of something that is not good, this is one way to practice love.

"Resist" is a word that means to say "no" to something that is not good.

So today we "yes" to love! And saying yes to love is saying yes to God, for God is Love.

There it is! Our closing prayer: God is love. Can you repeat that after me?

God is love.

Love is God.









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