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Palm Sunday

Message: Today is Palm Sunday. It is a very important day for Christians. Let’s talk about the first Palm Sunday and it will help you to understand why it is so special.

The people had heard that the Messiah was coming: a powerful King who would save them from being slaves to the Romans and give Israel back to them. They wanted him to know how much they praised him, so they all lined up on the street to greet him. They had all brought branches from their palm trees. These were the types of trees that grew in their area. Palm branches represented to them signs of triumph and victory.

They are expecting to see him ride into town on a huge war horse, ready to conquer the Romans. Instead, they see him coming on a small donkey. To Jesus, this was to show that he had already conquered them and he had nothing to fear.

Seeing him on a little donkey must have been surprising and probably a little confusing to them. They thought their Messiah would be a strong, fierce warrior.

Regardless of what they thought, they still praised and welcomed Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem (and He already knew he would be facing death). The huge crowd waved their palm branches and spread some out on the road ahead of Jesus to keep the dust down from the dirt road. Some people even threw their jackets down on the road for Jesus to ride over. Many were shouting and singing: “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” This was what Jesus would see as he rode his donkey all the way into the town of Jerusalem.

Now we understand that Jesus’ kingdom was not this world, but the kingdom of Heaven that he has promised to us all. We are cheering for Him as we celebrate His greatest triumph – victory over death on Easter! By receiving and displaying our palms today, we are celebrating Jesus, just as the villagers did on that very first Palm Sunday.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us to worship and adore you not only when the crowds do, and things are going well, but also in the dark times of or lives. Help us to show others the way towards Jesus by behaving in ways that are pleasing to you. Amen.

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