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Look For The "Thirst-Quencher"

Hello friends! We are focusing on looking for love. Let's say a rhyme to go with the message of love. Here we go:

We come today

And we're here to stay.

We're looking for love

In just the right way.

For Jesus is clear

When we listen to hear

His love for us

Is oh, so dear.

Well today I'm really, really thirsty. Let me stop for just a moment and get some water. Wow I feel so much better! Did you know that without water, we cannot live? In fact, most of what our body is made up of is liquid surrounding all the harder stuff like bones and tendons and organs. But even those are partly made of water as well! So water is really, really important to life. Jesus used our thirst for water to teach about love.

Three words come together this morning that have to do with the message for today. They are "Quench The Thirst!" The stories from the Bible that we read are about people who were thirsty. Some were people who were in the desert (yes, lots of stories about the desert in the Bible) and they were thirsty so God helped Moses get water for them. And another story talks about a woman that Jesus met when she came to get water from a well at the same time he was there. Jesus was thirsty and asked her to help him get some water. In both of these stories, we find out that we are thirsty for water, yes, because our bodies need it to live, but also that we can be thirsty for love, and we need love in order to live as well. Giving love is one of the best ways to get love that fills us up to the brim, just like a cold glass of water.

"Quench" means to make the thirst go away. If someone is thirsty for love, we can quench the thirst by giving love - by saying a kind thing or smiling or doing something for them that shows you care.

God helps us love. We can learn to "love loving" because we find out that we get back as much as we give! And that's good for everyone. God is Love and Love is God. These two words come together:

God is love.

Love is God.


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