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Look for the Helper

Hello friends! We are again going to focus on looking for love. Let's say our repeat after me poem. Ready:

We come today

And we're here to stay

We are looking for love

In just the right way

For Jesus is clear

When we listen to hear

His love for us

Is oh, so dear!

Thank you! We have our Scrabble board with us again today. This game right here is not 85 years old, but people have been playing this game for that long! And now you get to be part of that too. I wonder what message we will hear today from the letters I have put together?





The two words are "help others". One of the scriptures comes from the book of the Bible called the "Psalms." These were the songs of Jesus' time! These were songs that would have taught him as a young boy about God's love. The song from Psalms says "My help comes from the Lord. God will keep you going out and coming in from this time on and forevermore."

The writer of that song is saying that God loves us all by helping us, by watching out to make sure we are OK in our going out and coming in - which means all the time no matter where we are. Jesus would have heard this scripture as a young person like you and later when he grew up would pass that on, teaching everyone that to love like God is to be a Helper. To help others, making sure they are doing OK is where we can find love at work in our time.

So we have these two words connected: "Help others".

What a great way to create more love in the world! Helping others helps us make our main point again today: God is Love and Love is God. I have made these two words come together again on our board as our closing prayer.

Here we go:

God is Love.

Love is God.


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