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02/07/2021 Jesus Heals

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Scripture of the week: Mark 1:29-39


In this scripture we heard about Jesus' visit to his friend Simon Peter's house. He had two other friends with him on his journey. Their names were James and John. When they got there, they found out that Simon's mother-in-law was sick and when Jesus held her hand, she was healed!

That night the people of the town had heard about what Jesus had done and many people came to him and he healed them.

The next morning, Jesus went for a walk to find a quiet place to pray, as he often did. James and John went out and found Jesus where he had gone to pray. They told him he needed to go back to the village because there were many more sick people who needed to be healed.

Were you surprised that Jesus told them "No"? He said the three of them needed to move on to other towns to help many people come to know Jesus, learn about God's love, and heal their sick. He continued to do this, visiting many villages and towns, but staying in each for only a day or two.

Why do you think Jesus left the towns before everyone had been healed by Him? We have learned that Jesus loves us all. So why didn't He help everyone who needed Him? The answer to this question is love. Jesus does love us all and He believed that when He showed people this love, they would want to be like Him. Many people in the town had been healed, so now it was their turn to take care of their neighbors and help them get well too.

He knew His message would be spread this way because He didn't have much time on earth to do it all Himself. As Jesus went from town to town He was spreading God's love to all the people and they were so happy.

The same is true today. Even though Jesus is not here with us in body, He is always with us through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is still doing miracles and we can still help Jesus heal others by spreading God's love where ever we go.


Dear God,

Thank you for loving us and caring about us when we are sick. Help us learn to love our neighbors and tell them about Jesus and His love for us. We are each just one person, but when we pass on what we know about Jesus to someone else then they will tell someone else and the message will be spread all over the world. Amen

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