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Choose Wisely

Scripture the Week: Acts 9:36-43

Message: What makes some people stand out from other people? I am not talking about how they look, but what they do that makes them different. Let me give you some examples of people right here in our church.

There are women who send cards and flowers to people who are sick or celebrating a special occassion.

One woman works with her hands. She knits mittens and hats and makes beautiful quilts that we all pray on and then they are given to people who are hurting.

There is the man who devotes himself to art. He puts together beautiful jigsaw puzzles and then frames them and gives them to the church for everyone to enjoy.

Another is a retired businessman. He uses his knowledge and experience to make things better for our church.

A woman in our church cares for and makes meals for the homeless and she runs a program called Worship Without Walls.

Others have certain things that they do every week to make our church service on Sunday look beautiful and be a safe and clean, happy place.

All these people do these things because they care about other people. It doesn't matter if anyone knows they are the ones who do it. They do their work because they are "devoted".

In the Bible there is a woman named Tabatha. She was devoted. We are told she “was full of good works and acts of mercy which she did”. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be remembered as a person who helped others, just as Tabitha is?

The word “devoted” means that a person is committed to give love and attention to others by doing what is important to them, even if they have to give up certain things in order to do so.

What we do tells others a lot about who we are. Make sure you are setting a good example. Think about what’s important to you. Each one of us gets to choose what we will do that makes a difference. Choose wisely.

Make yourself stand out to others like the people we have talked about. What will people say you are devoted to?

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