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Choose God

Acts 16: 16-34

Message: This Scripture tells us a story about two of Jesus' disciples, Paul and Silas. They were traveling to many places telling the people about God.

One day they went to a far away place that was very different than they were used to. The laws were different and the people's traditions and ways of doing things were different. Paul and Silas didn't know that they accidentally broke the law. They were beaten and put in prison. They must have been very scared.

Around midnight, they were in pain from being beaten and frightened so they decided to turn to God for comfort. They began to pray and sing praise songs to God. They made a bad situation better by choosing to give thanks to God.

The other prisoners heard them and saw what they were doing and that they could pray and sing to God and feel strong too.

Life can be difficult some times and you might even find yourself in a terrible situation. You might be frightened and treated unfairly or bullied. But you have a choice...You can choose God. In the good times but especially in the bad times you can pray and sing songs of praise to God. Making good choices even in tough times can help you be strong.

Remember the story of Paul and Silas and choose God to find your strength too.

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