Can You Hear Me Now?

Scripture of the Week: Mark 10: 46-52

Message: Do you ever feel like nobody can hear you? Sometimes we are in the same room with someone, and they might not hear us. They might be busy talking to another person, or maybe watching a favorite tv show. Sometimes we are with a lot of other people and it is pretty noisy. We try to get someone’s attention but they don’t hear us. There could be music playing or many people talking all at once. We think they are just ignoring us, don’t we? But really, they are just distracted by other things.

Sometimes we are just too far away from the people we want to hear us. Our voice just is not loud enough on our own. When this happens, we can use a microphone, just like this one. This makes my voice much louder. The people sitting in the back could not hear me without it.

There is a story in the Bible about a man who called to Jesus but was afraid he would not hear him. This man was sitting outside on the side of a road. He was blind. He could not see him, but he had heard people talking and was told that Jesus was one of the men walking by.

The blind man yelled out, “Jesus...have mercy on me”. Other people standing by told him to be quiet. He did not listen to them and continued to shout, “Jesus...have mercy on me”.

Do you think Jesus heard him with all the other noises and people talking as he walked on this road? He did hear him, and asked him what he needed. The man asked Jesus to heal him so he could see again.

Jesus said to him, “Your faith has made you well”, which meant that because the man believed in Jesus, his prayer was answered, and the man could see! Wow!

So, this story is about a great miracle that Jesus did, but also it is a reminder to us that when we talk to Jesus, He will always hear us, and we don’t even need a microphone!

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