Calming The Sea

By Lois Parker Edition

Scripture of the Week: Mark 4:35-41

Do you like to watch storms form in the sky? Clouds develop and darken. Rain falls, a light mist or it may seem like a hose has been turned on. If you are outside you might get wet.

Then there are snowstorms. The temperature drops, clouds form, and snowflakes fall from the sky. Snow is beautiful, but it can make traveling difficult.

If you live on an island, we see and hear wind storms. The wind becomes very strong, whistles and howls around the house, sometimes knocking out the power.

Where ever you live, you have probably seen or heard some sort of storm.

Today’s Bible story tells us about a storm that Jesus and his disciples encountered while they were out on the water in a boat. We find that “a big wind storm arose” (4:37). Jesus was sleeping in the back of the boat. His disciples woke him up because they became frightened – waves were causing the boat to rock back and forth.

Jesus said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” (4:39). The wind stopped blowing and the sea became still. What a miracle.

If you have ever been frightened or angry you may remember that it felt as if a storm was swirling around inside of you. Your feelings became dark, just like storm clouds, and perhaps you felt as if you wanted to cry.

At those times it may help to remember how Jesus calmed the sea. He said, “Peace! Be still!” (4:39). We can use His words to calm ourselves. Take a deep breath. Allow some time to become quiet and still. Think about God’s love and let His Spirit bring peace.

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