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Be A Good Shepherd

Hello Friends! By now you know that our message during this season of Lent is all about LOVE! Let's get started by saying our rhyme. Ready? Here we go:

We come today

And we're here to stay

We're looking for love

In just the right way

For Jesus is clear

When we listen to hear

His love for us

Is oh, so dear!

Today we are talking about how a shepherd is the perfect example of someone looking for love. Now bear with me, I know not many of you have experienced being an actual shepherd and probably don't have a clue what a shepherd really is. But I'm telling you there are still shepherds in this world and with those shepherds are plenty of sheep dogs@

Just like us, they may come in many shapes and sizes but the one thing they all have in common is that they LOVE to keep animal herds all together! That's why they are called "herding" dogs. If you ever watched a dog contest on tv, you probably remember a category of herding dogs. When one sheep or maybe a cow wanders away from the others, the dogs quickly go get them and chase them back to the group. The shepherd and sheepdogs don't want any of their flock to get lost or be in danger.

So the words for today are "Shepherds", "Like", and "Care". You can read this as shepherds like care, or care like shepheds. Either way it really means the same thing, doesn't it. The Bible tells us that God loves us like a shepherd. Jesus used this example to talk about how to love. One thing that he said is that loving likea shepherd is a 24/7 job. In other words, the sheep dogs don't wait until a vore convenient time to go take care of an animal that is wandering off and may be in danger. They don't finish their lunch first or take a nap. They take care of it right away! And we are not to wait to give love whenever we see a need either. So we must always remember to care for others just like a shepherd or a sheepdog.

Remember to always keep your eyes and ears open and even your "spidey sense" sharp looking for opportunities to love others and get love in return. Can you just imagine if everyone in the world was looking out for each other as their top priority? We would feel so much love every day! We can all be part of creating that kind of world. God is love and love is God.

These two words have come together again as our closing prayer:

God is love.

Love is God.


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