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All Saints Day

I recommend reading the Apostles' Creed and discuss as a family.

Today is a very special day in our church. Yes, it just happens to be Halloween, but that is a fun activity that we will celebrate tonight. Today in church, we will be celebrating "All Saints Day". Do you know what a saint is? You might be surprised to hear that you are a saint. That's right! You.

The Bible tells us that everyone who believes and follows Jesus Christ is a saint. This includes all of us and all our family and friends that have died here on earth and now are alive and living with God in Heaven.

It is important to remember and celebrate the lives of the people we love who are watching us from Heaven. They are always with us in our hearts and in our memories. Today is a wonderful reminder that as God's children, we should love all people and today is a day to let everyone know (even and especially those in Heaven) how much we love them.

Jesus has promised us that one day we will all be together again in His beautiful home called Heaven. And all we have to do to get there is just trust in Him. Isn't that something to celebrate!!

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