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A Living Hope

This week's Scripture: 1 Peter 2:19-25

Did you ever get a chocolate bunny for Easter? I know I have. They look so yummy, but once you bite into them, you realize that there isn’t much to it. He’s hollow. Hollow means that there’s nothing inside him but air.

Beauty can be like that too. Have you ever heard that beauty is only skin deep? This means that what is really important is what’s inside a person, not how they appear to look. It’s what’s inside of us that really matters, both to the people around you and to God. Do you understand what I mean when I say inside of us? I’m talking about what kind of people are we.

Do we show love to others? Sure we do that for our family and friends. But it’s even more important to show it to the people we don’t know or may not even like.

· Do we help people who need our help?

· Do we carry God around in our heart?

These are the things that make us like a good solid chocolate Christian Easter bunny and not just a hollow look alike.

What’s in your heart?

· Are you kind to others?

· Do you share what you have with a joyful heart?

· Do you obey your parents and teachers with a smile?

· Do you try your best to get along with your brothers and sisters?

· Do you pray, asking God to help you make good decisions?

The next time a situation comes up and you must consider whether or not you should do the right thing, remember what Jesus did for you. Jesus loved you so much that he died a terrible death, a death on the cross, so that we would not be separated from God. Is it too much for him to ask you to love others and bring them closer to him?

There is a song we sing, especially this time of year called “He Lives.” It asks how we know Christ Jesus lives. The answer is “He lives within my heart.

How about you? Does Jesus live in your heart? Let’s not just sing about it, let’s practice it every single day.

Please join me in a short prayer:

Risen Savior Christ Jesus, help us to love you with all our heart, with all our mind and with our whole body. Help us to love others as you love them. Help us to want to be close to you and bring others closer to you too.


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