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03/14/2021 God's Amazing Gift of Grace

Scripture of the week: Ephesians 2:1-10

Lesson: This scripture is from a letter the apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesian people. Did you know that when you were born, God already had a plan for your life? You were born to be a special person and every one of us is different. God has already given you all the things you need to live a good and happy life. It's our job to obey the rules God has given us.

You see, because of the sin of Adam and Eve way back in time when the world was new, humans often make wrong choices. When you disobey God's rules, you have sinned. Some are really small and don't really hurt anyone (except God). Some are really big, bad sins and can cause great harm to yourself or others. It is so very important to believe in God and tell him that you are sorry for what you have done. Try to live a good life and discover the gifts that you were born so you can live a life that is loving and pleasing to God.

Before Jesus was born on earth, the people of the world were doing more and more bad things. They were selfish and wanted the things others had, just to name a few. The people from long ago did not go to heaven when they died. We are still doing these same sins today. We can't help it. Remember that all humans are born to sin because of Adam and Eve's big mistake (the first sin).

Jesus changed everything when he came into our world. Jesus taught the people to love each other and be kind. He lived by the laws of God his father and never sinned. He set examples to the people of how to live a righteous life. He also performed many miracles which some of the people needed to see or hear to truly believe he was really Christ our Lord - the One sent to save them - the Messiah. Because Jesus, the perfect person, died for us on the cross, all our sins have been forgiven.

We are so lucky to be loved by God our heavenly Father. Even though we still disobey God's rules, as long as we believe in him, we are saved and will live forever in the kingdom of Heaven. There is nothing you can do yourself to make this happen. Don't ever think that if you are "better" than someone else or do a job better than someone else then you will make God happy and go to heaven. It doesn't matter what you do. YOU ARE SAVED! This is the gift to you of God's grace and the only thing you need to do to receive this gift is to believe and worship God. Thank you God for giving us your gift of grace so we can live with you forever in your kingdom.

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