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Bible Study

You may be interested in joining us for these opportunities being made available to the community:

Our current offering at UMC Herkimer is a Wednesday evening Bible Study that is open to anyone in the community. Facilitation and discussion is rotated among those willing who attend. This is a casual atmosphere and a time for friendly, open discussions. Arrival at 6:30 pm for fellowship time and start at 7 pm. Come in the front door on Prospect Street or the parking lot doors off of Park Ave. The meeting room is inside the Fellowship Hall. 

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts is offered by Lisa Bobak at First United Methodist Church in Herkimer and will be limited to 6 participants per class. This class will be rotated in throughout the year.  If you are interested, call the office at (315) 866-1349.

Please use the "Contact Us" Form on this website or give the perspective churches a call if interested. 

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