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Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

All children are welcome in our programs. Church membership is not required.

After very prayerful and careful thought and planning, we have reopened our doors to Sunday school kids in grades

K - 5.  Our nursery is now open. 

I encourage all parents to contact me by phone at (315) 868-0485 or email me at with any questions or concerns.

The Sunday school kids who return will be following strict Covid-19 guidelines. This will be accomplished using social distancing, reduced capacity and the use of masks. All returning students will be required to wear a mask whenever they are less than 6 feet apart. In addition, there will be no sharing of supplies.  Anyone interested in reading our full Covid-19 Policy may request a copy.

The Youth Group will be returning through a cooperative effort with Christian Assembly Church in Frankfort. It has been decided to return the youth group to include grades 6 through 12.  This group will meet at the church on Rt 5 in Frankfort Sunday evenings from 5 to 7. A meal will be provided.  Please let me know if transportation is of issue.

We understand that everyone has their own comfort level regarding this pandemic, and we respect your decision regarding your child’s involvement in our programs. We realize that attendance will be greatly reduced, but we want to make the programs available in a safe environment to those families who would like to use them. This website has been developed to allow those children remaining at home to continue their spiritual studies. Each week a Scripture reading will be provided for parents to read with their child. Next a transcript of the lesson associated with the Scripture will be provided and lastly a project or activity will be highlighted. We will start out small and hope to expand on them based upon interest in the program. Our team is praying for the day we can all come together again face to face. In the meantime we encourage parents to walk with your child on this journey and have fun with it.

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