Prayer Umbrellas

Ask your parents to print the picture of the umbrellas.  You and your family can think about things that bring you joy and things that you are concerned about.  Write them in the sections of the umbrellas and pray about them during the Easter season. Remember that God protects you from above, just like an umbrella protects you.

Have fun and be creative!

color lent cross.jpg

Print cross then color each section as you complete the task.  Try to complete the cross by Easter.

*As Methodists we do not celebrate mass but as you read a Sunday School lesson you may color one of these sections.


Being an Obedient Servant of God

God used Abraham and He wants to use us too.  You can be an obedient servant of God and help him by showing others love and respect. 

Make a Thank You card for someone you may or may not know who you see doing a nice thing for someone else.  Don’t sign your name.   Deliver that card to them, but try to not let them see you do it.  You will brighten their day and let them know they are appreciated.  Trust me, God will be smiling too. 

Have a great week.


Ask your parents to print out this Valentine. You can color it and give it to someone you love.


Respond in love

Ask your parents to print this for you